Range Etiquette

While using the range we ask our members and guests to understand and obey the range etiquettes.

Our Etiquette:

  • • Good sportsmanship and respect is expected at all times.
  • • When the range is not scheduled, then it is on a first come first served basis.
  • • Shoot ONLY paper targets or gongs provided. NO GLASS, TOYS OR GARBAGE on range.
  • • PICK UP your brass and place in the provided containers.
  • • PLACE refuse and targets in garbage when you are finished.
  • • DO NOT place live or defective ammunition in the garbage.
  • • Edible garbage WILL NOT be left in the range garbage cans. Take it home!
  • • This is your range supported by volunteers and the District of Kitimat. Treat it with respect and a sense of ownership and pride.
  • • Report any violations to the District of Kitimat (250-632-8910) or in case of vandalism or illegal acts call the RCMP (250-632-7111).