Range Rental

The Kitimat Shooting Club has been designated as the operator of the Fire Mountain Shooting Range by the District of Kitimat. It was the club that secured the financing and arranged the construction of the current new facility.

The District of Kitimat through our partnership agreement allows the club to rent the range out to organizations or individuals that need to use the range for training, competitions etc. on a private basis.

Two Ways to Reserve for Rental:

  1. 1. Download Rental Agreement to print and mail in a copy
  2. 2. Reserve Range for rental through Online Rental Form

Rental Rates

If an organization needs to use the range privately for training, the rental rates are:

  • $250 for an 8 hour day.
  • $175 for a half day or 4 hours.


Renters using restricted firearms or using the shotgun range require liability insurance, either provided by your organization or by being a shooting club member.

During a rental, the range would be closed to the public and open only to your organization. If you plan on renting the range please give us as much notice as possible to allow for notification of the closure to the public.

The Kitimat Shooting Club is dedicated to enhancing the facility at Fire Mountain for the shooting community in Kitimat. All funds collected at the range will be used to improve the facility.

All persons using the range will abide by the posted club rules. A copy of the rules will be provided to you. Please ask for any clarifications of rules and practices before your event. A gate key will be provided if required. The gate will remain closed and the “Range Closed” sign will be displayed during your event. The gate will be locked and key promptly returned after your rental.

The range, target frames and shooting line area will be left in a clean and tidy condition after use. A $100 cleaning fee will be charged if range is left untidy.

Club targets, silhouettes etc. are available for a fee upon request.


If you have any questions or want to make a reservation, contact:

  • Club President, Jason Vines  250-632-1386
  • Leisure Services, District of Kitimat 250-632-8910